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Our Developmental Vision and Philosophy
Beijing Hydrovita is devoted to the promotion of the development of the medicinal science of molecular hydrogen, and the improvement of human health.Since the founding of the enterprise, Beijing Hydrovita has taken up this mission, with the aim to“Decrease the morbidity rate associated with chronic diseases and promoting healthier, happier living”.

Driven by our goal of “becoming a leader inthe health industry”, BHB has been actively promoting the novel concept of “It is always better to prevent diseases rather than to fight them off”; backed by our powerful research and development capabilities, we have maintained our position of leadership in the rapidly developing field of hydrogen health, and improved the quality of life for people with some of the most advanced products available anywhere.
Promoting the Development of Molecule Hydrogen Biomedical Science
In the year 2007, Dr. Shigeo Ohta of Nippon Medical School in Japan, published a research paper in the journal Natural Medical – a globally authoritative scientificmagazine, in which he sensationallyput forward the discovery that “Hydrogen acts as a therapeutic antioxidant by selectively reducing cytotoxic oxygen radicals”.This important finding had been the cornerstone of the research into the medicinal functions of molecular hydrogen.

On March 19th, 2014, China International Exchange and Promotion Association for Medical & On-goingHealth Care was held with BHB as the main sponsor. The conference attracted more than 200 specialists and scholars (including Dr. Shigeo Ohta and Dr. Atsunori) in the field, resulting inthe establishment ofThe Committee of Hydrogen MolecularBiomedical Professionals – a committee devoted to the medical research and ideas exchange associated with molecular hydrogen , as well as the development of the global hydrogen health industry.

Since its founding, Beijing Hydrovita has eagerly and richly supportedChina’s medical science research by cooperating with top-tier research and academic institutions, as well as numerous hospitals on the medical application of molecular hydrogen,and had contributed immensely to the development of the molecular hydrogen industry within China.
Social Responsibility
Though molecular hydrogen researchremainsan on-going process, itsmedical achievements have since been adopted to the field of drinking water. Hydrogen-rich water has becomea new option for consumers of packaged water, and has since beenfavoritedbyhealth conscious buyers who hope to attain longevityandprevent diseases.The concept of hydrogen health, aims for the reductionof the onset of chronic diseases by taking advantage of theselective anti-oxidizingproperty of the hydrogen gas infusedin hydrogen-rich water and it is a concept which hasbeen gradually been gaining momentum.

Since Beijing Hydrovita hydrogen rich water arrived on the market, our mission has been to strife for the benefits of mankind while fully supporting China’s medical research field and strictly adhering to all of our social responsibilities.Together with some the First-Line domestic research and academic institutions, BHB had contributed immensely to the study of molecular hydrogen’s applications in medicine, and is in itself a force to be reckoned with when it comes to research and development in the field of molecularhydrogen.

Core Competitiveness
Enterprise Core Value

Beijing Hydrovita is engaged in the industry of health and wellness, the purpose of its existence is to serve our communities and to benefit mankind, while promoting the development of the molecular hydrogen industry, and endeavor to improve the lives of those shackled by pain and suffering; in parallel, we will strictly adhere to our social responsibilities as a company, and to passionately carry out various events for public welfare, scientific debate as well as academic exchange.

Research & Development

Beijing Hydrovita is the only Hydrogen water manufacturing company in China endorsed by the Chinese government, with it’s

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Membership: On ECPlaza since 2016
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer
Location: Beijing, China
Product Category: Drinking Water
Main Item / Product: hydrogen water
Keywords: hydrogen water, hydrogen biomedicine, hydrogen rich water
Main Target Region: Asia
Representative / CEO's Name: Ning Chun
Year Established: 2013
Employees Total: 40 to 49

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